Nipple Comparison Week 2 to Week 3
I found comparing these photos of my nipple healing rather heartening. Week 2 looked so scary I was worried the nips were getting necrotic and might fall off, but it was actually fine, and things are coming along day by day. I have done absolutely no picking, honest!

Note the swelling is going down too.
I started working out in the last 3 days, just some light cardio on the elliptical and a few ab crunches, this also seemed to promote circulation and help move the fluid out. Whew!

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3+ Weeks Post Op
Hey Guys,

So things have gotten a lot better in the last several days. In addition to binding with my compression vest, I started wrapping an Ace Bandage around my chest where the fluid was collecting again after I had the seroma aspirated with a needle and this has really helped reduce the fluid. It's a tad uncomfortable wearing the Ace Bandage so snug 24/7 but I think it's worth it for the long term effect. I am also wearing my binder or a sports bra depending on what's clean. I hate still having to wear a sports bra, but it's kinda better because it doesn't DIG into my armpits where I am still so tender from surgery. (Anyone else really sensitive in the under arm lymph node area?)

Here are some more images I just took today.

BEWARE: Images are very graphic (kinda gross).
The yellowy stuff around my nipple is normal healing (not infection) according to my doctor, and I shouldn't worry about it. If I let it dry out (if I hang out with out the binder or any dressing for an hour and let it dry,) the yellow gooey gunk becomes clear and scabby, but I am putting anti-biotic ointment on it, so it stays moist and more flexible, less crumbly, and hopefully will heal better.

I am wearing these silicone sheets (they look like band-aids in the photos over my nipples which is supposed to promote healing and more minimal scarring. I just started doing this so I can't say if it works. Apparently you're supposed to apply those silicone patches 24/7 or at least 12 hours a day for 6-8 weeks for best results.... we'll see.

Hope this is helpful to you guys. Let me know if you have any questions.

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2 Weeks Post Op
There have been many moments since surgery that I have thought reflected on my surgery.

Most of all I want to say that I am so grateful for being able to have this procedure.
It was expensive, and there are so many people who want this kind of surgery and can't afford it, or don't have access for other reasons, and I realize how fortunate I am.

One of the big things I find myself thinking about is: "What does the ideal male chest look like?" I find myself comparing my chest, the placement of my nipples, my muscle tone to other bio guys, wanting to find an affirmation that I am not going to look like a freak.

I still have some swelling and soreness but certainly less now than prior.

I had seroma on my right side, which looked like a boob was coming back, ("oh no!") but I went back to Dr. Fischer and had that aspirated, so now it's better. It came back a bit, but I started wrapping a snug ace bandage around my chest right under my nipples where the fluid was collecting, so that has helped squeeze back the fluid, and hopefully promote the re-absorption of the serum (fluid), and help in the process of adhering of my skin to my chest. I really don't want this droopy thing happening. So far all is well, and the skin seems to be getting substantially tauter (tighter) and less saggy. Yay.

Here are some photos at about two weeks after surgery.
These photos are pretty intense and not for viewing at work/public.
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My Recent Top Surgery
I just had top surgery last Thursday. I elected for the Peri/Keyhole procedure. I was a B cup.
Still have the drains in until tomorrow or the day after.

Dr. Beverly Fischer was my surgeon. I give her the highest recommendation possible. She worked a miracle as far as I am concerned, never had any bruising AT ALL, and very smooth as of day 6. I haven't really seen my nipples yet, still all bandaged up for another week or two (I decided to go for nipple grafts so she could take more loose skin).

I met with a few other surgeons (including Brownstein in SF) and after carefully weighing out of my options, I am SO glad I went to Dr. Fischer.  I know lots of people have great experiences with Brownstein too, but Fischer was the right fit for me. Don't let her website and girlie waiting room fool you, I almost dismissed her because she doesn't have FTM surgeries listed on her website. What a mistake that would have been.

Last Wednesday night, I drove down from NYC to Baltimore with my wife. It took about 3:15 hours to get there by car from Manhattan. We stayed in a great brand new, clean, but cheap ($139 for two room suite) hotel (Residence Inn Marriott) near by the Advanced Surgery Center, the room had a kitchen which was great for saving $ on meals. We stayed 3 nights. Could have done it in two but the 3rd night made it more relaxing. Also I was glad I asked for an "accessible" room (aka handicapped) because of the hose shower which allows for bathing with out getting your chest wet, or washing your hair with out getting your chest wet.

If anyone wants more info let me know. Glad to share.

Here are a few things might be helpful to know. I know they may seem basic, but I didn't know this stuff until recently:
  • If you are traveling any distance by plane, train, or car - consider bringing a pillow. It made all the difference on the 3 hr drive home from Baltimore to have it between my chest and the seat belt.
  • No need to be nauseous - Ask your Dr for the anti-nausea pill Rx (you dissolve it on your tongue one hour before surgery) It is DEFINITELY worth it. I took one after surgery too.
  • Wear easy to slip on shoes. My wife had a hard time getting my boots on while I was so groggy after surgery
  • After surgery take some kind of laxative, as general anesthesia makes your gut stop moving.
  • I was told to eat light after surgery, soup cracker, no meat (meat is hard to move through your gut), fiber is good.
  • Salt is bad before and after surgery it makes you retain water - bloating, puffiness, etc
  • Drink a ton of water the two days BEFORE your surgery until midnight the night before, you want to be as hydrated as possible.
  • Bendy straws are helpful!
  • Sleep propped up on pillows at a 45 degree angle for the week after surgery. This helps the fluid drain.
  • Try to keep good posture, shoulder back, before surgery and as soon after surgery as you can. My doctor and her nurse really emphasized this as one of the most important ways to get good smooth results, no adhesions, etc.
  • Pillow under your knees helps your back from getting achy
  • Ice packs on my chest above my bandage/binder helped apply pressure to where the skin had been pulled away from my muscle, and reduce swelling.
  • Really try not to lift anything heavier than your cell phone.
  • Try not to use your arms to move yourself around in bed, or push yourself up, it makes you flex your pecs- bad for healing. (This was really hard for me to resist doing)
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Just joined Live Journal
I just joined Live Journal. Still getting the hang of things. The FTM community on this site is what motivated me to join.

I recently moved to NYC, and I hope to find some cool folks in the trans community here to connect with from time to time.


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