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2 Weeks Post Op
There have been many moments since surgery that I have thought reflected on my surgery.

Most of all I want to say that I am so grateful for being able to have this procedure.
It was expensive, and there are so many people who want this kind of surgery and can't afford it, or don't have access for other reasons, and I realize how fortunate I am.

One of the big things I find myself thinking about is: "What does the ideal male chest look like?" I find myself comparing my chest, the placement of my nipples, my muscle tone to other bio guys, wanting to find an affirmation that I am not going to look like a freak.

I still have some swelling and soreness but certainly less now than prior.

I had seroma on my right side, which looked like a boob was coming back, ("oh no!") but I went back to Dr. Fischer and had that aspirated, so now it's better. It came back a bit, but I started wrapping a snug ace bandage around my chest right under my nipples where the fluid was collecting, so that has helped squeeze back the fluid, and hopefully promote the re-absorption of the serum (fluid), and help in the process of adhering of my skin to my chest. I really don't want this droopy thing happening. So far all is well, and the skin seems to be getting substantially tauter (tighter) and less saggy. Yay.

Here are some photos at about two weeks after surgery.
These photos are pretty intense and not for viewing at work/public.

This is the "seroma" or collection of fluid that appeared after my drains came out. I had it aspirated with a needle. Looks much better now! Thank goodness. 2 weeks post op2 weeks post op. Free Nipple Graft Close-up.  Looks gross, but apparently this is normal (according to my Surgeon)2 weeks post op


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