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Nipple Comparison Week 2 to Week 3
I found comparing these photos of my nipple healing rather heartening. Week 2 looked so scary I was worried the nips were getting necrotic and might fall off, but it was actually fine, and things are coming along day by day. I have done absolutely no picking, honest!

Note the swelling is going down too.
I started working out in the last 3 days, just some light cardio on the elliptical and a few ab crunches, this also seemed to promote circulation and help move the fluid out. Whew!

Week 2 (actually about 10 days). Free nipple graftAt about 3 Weeks 
2 weeks post op. Free Nipple Graft (full size, opted for no cut down in areola)3 weeks post op. Free Nipple Graft. Steri strips are off. Yellow goo is not infection just healing white blood cells and stuff.


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