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3+ Weeks Post Op
Hey Guys,

So things have gotten a lot better in the last several days. In addition to binding with my compression vest, I started wrapping an Ace Bandage around my chest where the fluid was collecting again after I had the seroma aspirated with a needle and this has really helped reduce the fluid. It's a tad uncomfortable wearing the Ace Bandage so snug 24/7 but I think it's worth it for the long term effect. I am also wearing my binder or a sports bra depending on what's clean. I hate still having to wear a sports bra, but it's kinda better because it doesn't DIG into my armpits where I am still so tender from surgery. (Anyone else really sensitive in the under arm lymph node area?)

Here are some more images I just took today.

BEWARE: Images are very graphic (kinda gross).
The yellowy stuff around my nipple is normal healing (not infection) according to my doctor, and I shouldn't worry about it. If I let it dry out (if I hang out with out the binder or any dressing for an hour and let it dry,) the yellow gooey gunk becomes clear and scabby, but I am putting anti-biotic ointment on it, so it stays moist and more flexible, less crumbly, and hopefully will heal better.

I am wearing these silicone sheets (they look like band-aids in the photos over my nipples which is supposed to promote healing and more minimal scarring. I just started doing this so I can't say if it works. Apparently you're supposed to apply those silicone patches 24/7 or at least 12 hours a day for 6-8 weeks for best results.... we'll see.

Hope this is helpful to you guys. Let me know if you have any questions.

3 weeks. MUCH less swelling. Slicone patches on nipples.This is a close up of my nipple graft. Note the "purse string" pleats. I was a full B cup, so rather boarderline for the keyhole procedure, so I have these pleats, but hopefully they'll diminish as my skin has time to contract.


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